Plane Surface or Flat

The two-dimensional analogue of a point (zero dimensions), a line (one dimension) and three-dimensional space is called a plane surface.

Plane Curve

A plane curve is a curve that lies in a single plane. A plane curve may be closed or open.

Open Curve

An open curve is a curve where the starting and ending points are different.

Closed Curve

A closed curve is a curve where the starting and ending points are same or equal. closed curve


A polygon is a simple closed curve made up of only line segments. polygons

Classificaton of Polygons

According to no. of sides classification of polygons given below: polygons


A line segment connecting two non-consecutive vertices of a polygon is callled diagonals. diagonals

Regular Polygons

A regular polygon is both 'equiangular' and 'equilateral'. e.g., a square has sides of equal length and angles of equal measure. regular polygon

Irregular Polygons

A irregular polygon is neither 'equiangular' nor 'equilateral'. e.g., a rectangle. irregular polygon

Angle sum property

In a triangle, sum of three angles is 180 degree and In any quadrilateral, sum of four angles is 360 degree.
angle 1 + angle 2 + angle 3 = 180 degree, angle 1 + angle 2 + angle 3 + angle 4 = 360 degree. angle sum property


Trapezium is a quadrilateral with a pair of parallel sides. trapezium

Kinds of Quadrilateral

1. Trapezium
2. Kite
3. Square
4. Rectangle
5. Rhombus
6. Parallelogram quadrilateral


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