Introduction of Binomial Theorem

The expansion of a binomial for any positive integral n is given by Binomial Theorem, which is (a + b)n = nC0an + nC1an-1b + nC2an-2b2 + ...+ + nCnbn.

Pascal's Triangle

The coefficients of the expansions are arranged in an array. This array is called Pascal’s triangle. binomial theorem

General Term and Middle Term

The general term of an expansion (a + b)n is Tr+1 = nCran-rbr. In the expansion (a + b)n, if n is even, then the middle term is the (n/2 + 1)th term. If n is odd, then the middle terms are (n + 1)/2 th and [(n + 1)/2 + 1] th terms.


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