Introduction of Statements

A statement is a compound statement if it is made up of two or more smaller statements. The smaller statements are called component statements of the compound statement.

What is a Sentence ?

A sentence is called a mathematically acceptable statement if it is either true or false but not both.

Negation of a statement

The denial of a statement is called the negation of the statement.

Compound statement

A Compound Statement is a statement which is made up of two or more statements. In this case, each statement is called a component statement.


The words “And” and “Or” are called connectives and “There exists” and “For all” are called quantifiers.

Contrapositive and converse

Contrapositive and converse are certain other statements which can be formed from a given statement with “if-then”.

Counter example

The method involves giving an example of a situation where the statement is not valid. Such an example is called a counter example.


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